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This is Toronto's secret new spot for unreal Jamaican patties

Toronto has a secret new spot for Jamaican patties but you need to know where to look.

Goldee's Patties are currently setting Toronto in fire. The patties not only stand out for their golden shine, but their variety of fillings make them some of the most flavourful and unique in the city. 

The woman behind them is Diana Smart, the executive chef at Boxcar Social, as well as the owner of Goldee's Patties.

She started cooking while she was in high school and was inspired to pursue cooking as a career after seeing the passion of other chefs. Diana's side hustle patties are inspired by visiting Jamaica and her mother's own home-cooked food. 

Goldee's Patties come in four varieties: beef, jerk chicken with plantain, curry vegetable and oxtail. Diana wanted to incorporate more Jamaican specialities beyond just the traditional beef patty while being influenced by Jamaican home-cooked food.

"I really decided it'd be a good idea. Just put all the home-cooked meals into the patties," she told blogTO. 

When making the patties, Diana says that the flake of the patty is the most important. Hers is all butter-based to make the perfect patty. She also insists that the meat-to-gravy ratio is key. 

In the future, she hopes to work with local vendors and farmers to bring the locality of Toronto to her patties. 

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Find Goldee's Patties at Boxcar Social Harbourfront, 235 Queens Quay West.

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