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Here are the best reactions to Tim Hortons' new Biebs Brew collab with Justin Bieber so far

Tim Hortons announced the launch of another major collaboration with Ontario-born pop star Justin Bieber earlier today, and fans of both Canadian brands are having a field day. 

The announcement of the new French vanilla cold brew, called Biebs Brew, as well as the limited return of the highly popular Timbiebs, has prompted plenty of excitement from caffeine enthusiasts who are eager to get their hands on anything associated with Bieber. 

And with new and returning merch also on the way, social media is filled with reactions from fans — and critics — who have plenty to say about the quintessentially Canadian partnership. 

Some Beliebers are so enthused about the news, in fact, that they're ready to try the drink regardless of what the flavour is. 

And some are enjoying watching the pop star make the coffee chain more culturally relevant.

Some Toronto residents are meanwhile hoping this is just one of many announcements in a life-long partnership. 

And some are even admitting to not being fans of Bieber but wanting to try the new drink regardless. 

Some, on the other hand, preferred Tim Horton's collab with fellow Ontario musician Shawn Mendes.

And some are simply unimpressed, promising never to try the beverage under any circumstance.

With the new product set to be launched right before Bieber's Toronto concerts, some hardcore fans are even pledging to show up to the event with the products in-hand.

Both Biebs Brew and Timbiebs will be available accross Canada and the U.S. as of June 6.

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