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You can now get the world's first wine in a paper bottle at the LCBO

The world's first commercially-available wine in a paper bottle is now at the LCBO, and fans of drinking and sustainability are loving it.

Made by British sustainable packaging Frugalpac, the concept that takes the idea of box wine to the next level is now available in Canada for the first time.

Now in 285 LCBO stores as of early 2022, the wine is award-winning Italian winery Cantina Goccia's 3Q Umbria Rosso, which they have launched in Frugalpac's "Frugal Bottle."

The wine was launched in its paper bottles in 2020 and has sold out twice by now, with one wine chain in Scotland selling out of their entire stock in just one day. It's been such a success, the winery now wants to produce 80 per cent of its wine in paper bottles.

Like a box of wine, the paper bottle holds a food-grade plastic pouch inside which contains the wine, but the paper exterior is made of 94 per cent recycled materials. The bottle is five times lighter and has a carbon footprint that's up to six-times lower than a glass bottle.

Before it's filled, it weighs just 83 grams, which not only is good for the environment, it also means less of a back ache when you're transporting it. To recycle it, you just separate the paper from the pouch by hand, splitting it by pressing along a seam.

"We are delighted to launch our award-winning red wine 3Q Umbria Rosso in the Frugal Bottle here in Canada," says Cantina Goccia owner Ceri Parke.

"Sustainable practices in the vineyard are important but when more than half our carbon footprint comes from packaging and transport, then it is time for us producers to take action."

The wine can now be purchased in its paper bottle from the LCBO in person or online, and costs $16.95. 

"Was drawn to the super light, non-breakable 'bottle' - what a great idea," one person wrote in a review on LCBO site. "On top of that, what a nice surprise to find that the wine is dark and delicious."

"Had to try this Italian wine which I absolutely loved and it is a funky recyclable bottle," wrote another person in a review.

"We wish Cantina Goccia all the best as they launch the paper bottle revolution in Canada," says Frugalpac CEO Malcolm Waugh.

"We know there will be a huge market there, created by eco-conscious Canadian wine lovers who want to drink more sustainably."

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