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Toronto bar loses liquor licence after fight breaks out during inspection

A Toronto bar has had its liquor licence suspended following a fight that happened during an inspection.

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) announced it was immediately revoking the liquor licence for Cage KTV & Bar at 3560 Victoria Park Avenue in North York.

The interim suspension took immediate effect for "reasons of public interest and safety."

The AGCO said their compliance officials visited the bar on Nov. 14 to look into a complaint that Cage KTV & Bar advertised an event providing free liquor.

When the officials entered the bar they "observed signs of drunkenness, which is not permitted under the LLA (Liquor Licence Act)."

But then some of the customers became aggressive towards the officials, "including beginning a physical altercation, with bar staff taking no steps to maintain control."

The licence holder, when contacted, told the AGCO they no longer had access to or operational control of the bar.

Holding a liquor licence comes with legal obligations to maintain control and operational authority over the licensed bar or restaurant, the AGCO says, and in this case the licence holder is no longer in control.

The AGCO says the licence holder has contravened the LLA, including: contracting out the sale and service of alcohol without authorization; no longer being involved in the bar's operations and therefore not maintaining control over the premises.

"Furthermore, the licence holder failed to ensure the sale and service of alcohol was supervised by an authorized employee, and permitted drunkenness, quarrelsome, violent and disorderly conduct to occur in the bar," the AGCO says.

The AGCO decided it is in the public interest to immediately suspend the liquor licence of Cage KTV & Bar, and a Notice of Proposal to revoke the license has been issued.

"All those who hold a liquor licence in Ontario are required to operate with honesty and integrity," says Tom Mungham, Registrar and CEO, AGCO.

"The law is very clear: a licence holder must maintain control of their business, prohibit drunkenness, and cooperate with AGCO Compliance Officials. Our COs are public servants who work to protect the public by ensuring licensed establishments are operating responsibly. Aggressions towards them will not be tolerated."

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