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Toronto Raptor surprises staff at local restaurant

A local restaurant got a big surprise on Oct. 27 when a Toronto Raptor dropped in for a bite to eat.

Yuta Watanabe stopped by Ramen Isshin on College the other night, and graciously took a photo with staff which was posted online.

The photo racked up hundreds of likes, with comments like "amazing" and "awesome."

He's got great taste: the spot for ramen is known as one of the best in Toronto.

Currently in his second year with the Raptors, Watanabe became something of a heartthrob last year with his inspired play and hustle on the court.

Apparently it wasn't the 6'7" player's first time at Ramen Isshin.

"He was gentle, kind and tall! He came to College last weekend, and it was his second time. Both times he ordered the spicy miso ramen," Mami Orihara, the manager of the College location, tells blogTO.

"Most of our staff are fans of him but one staff member, Yosuke, is the most. Actually, Yosuke was there on the same day in the afternoon to eat and left as a customer, then Yuta showed up. Yosuke came back with his Isshin uniform even though he isn't scheduled, just to say hi and get in the picture."

Raptors players have been spotted visiting other Toronto restaurants this year including Real Jerk and Scotty Bons.

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Ramen Isshin

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