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Toronto takeout joint known for its subs and burritos has permanently closed

Subs and burritos can't be found under the same roof at a lot of places in Toronto, and now a spot that offered both for a long while is closing for good.

New York Subs and Burritos has posted a note in their window saying they're permanently closed. The note states lockdowns and the sale of the building as the reasons for the closure.

The takeout restaurant was known for infusing submarine sandwiches and burritos with Indian influences, with offerings like grilled chicken subs, veggie burritos and mango lassi shakes. People especially loved their "curritos" (curry burritos), and their kitschy decor felt like something of a time warp.

"Please continue to support small businesses, because they need it," reads the note.

Someone who posted a photo of the note to Reddit said their hours had been sporadic for months. They also said their usual for 20 years was the jumbo grilled lamb burrito.

Some commenters on Reddit noted that the place didn't always feel the cleanest, but that it was charming all the same. One person said they'd really miss the eggplant burrito.

New York Subs was just a few doors down from Gandhi Roti, which also closed recently, but has been taken over by one of the Gandhi chefs to be transformed into a restaurant with similar offerings, Roti Mahal.

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