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Popular cafe is teaming up with sandwich shop to open second Toronto location

Two popular Toronto spots are teaming up as Major Treat Coffee has announced they'll be expanding their business into Somun Superstar's Kingston Road location.

The two future roommates announced the collaboration earlier this week via an Instagram post, letting all fans of both businesses know that soon they'll be able to get their favourite coffee and sandwiches or other baked goods all in one convenient spot.

"We've had our location at Queen West for three plus years now and we always intended to open more but obviously the pandemic has gotten in our way like many people," Major Treat owner Martin Farkas told blogTO.

"A few months ago I happened to go into Somun Superstar, they asked how business was going and they mentioned how they were thinking about getting into coffee and one thing led to another."

Sharing a space isn't new for Major Treat, who already share their original location with Town Barber and are looking forward to once again cohabitating with another business they respect.

Currently, the plan is for Major Treat to officially move into the 998 Kingston Road spot some time in early September. While the two businesses will be operating independently, they remain open to collaborating on future products or specials together.

Currently, Major Treat is getting everything ready for the new location including seeking out experienced third-wave espresso and coffee baristas who can help be part of the businesses' new venture.

With names like Major Treat and Somun Superstar, these two companies make big promises that they effortlessly deliver on.

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