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Owner heartbroken after Toronto bakery vandalized in middle of the night

The Leslieville neighbourhood has become victim to yet another spree of break-ins and robberies

Petite Thuet at 284 Carlaw Ave was broken into and robbed in the early hours of July 7. 

The perpetrators smashed the doors, stole the cash register, POS system, electronic equipment and just made a huge mess everywhere in the store. 

The owner of Petite Thuet, Biana Zorich told blogTO that the robbery will probably cost her around $5000. "I can't afford to lose that amount in the best of times, let alone during a global pandemic." 

Zorich posted in a community Facebook group sharing her frustrations, what has happened and warning other local businesses and families in the community. 

"Small businesses have suffered so much in the last 16 months during this pandemic in Toronto. I am one of them. So I know how we have reinvented ourselves, worked odd hours and weird shifts, wore so many different hats, created new business models." 

The post continues, "This is about every business out there who is trying and struggling, but still putting in 16 hour work days with hope that better days are ahead."

Petite Thuet is one of the many businesses that have been ruthlessly broken into. The post discloses that another 4 break-ins occurred that night alone. 

Zorich explained that the support from the community has been wonderful. Even in the pouring rain that we experienced in the city today "People came from all over the place in the middle of this downpour to support us."  

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