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Toronto's newest small-batch ice cream isn't made for humans

Nothing is better than some ice cream on a hot day, and your favourite puppy pal would probably agree with you.

In Dogs We Trust is a new Toronto business that has been catching plenty of attention for their small batch gourmet, dog desserts and treats. 

Most notable of all is their ice cream for dogs, made from natural and local ingredients including Ontario produce, no sugar, no additives, no stabilizers, and goat milk, which is more digestible for dogs than cow's milk.

Founded by Samantha Mok, the business itself originally started off as part of her design school thesis project. She created branding for an (at the time) fictional business named In Dogs We Trust. From there, everything began to spiral into something wonderful.

"I submitted it to a couple design projects and won four or five national awards for it which led to some sponsorship money," Mok told blogTO.

"We had so many dog treats for the project I was begging people to take them off my hands."

Sitting at home with hundreds of dog treats, an already designed business concept idea, sponsorship money, and plenty of free time during the pandemic, Mok decided to bring her school project to life and make it a real company.

After doing research into the pet food industry, Mok found that there's shockingly little regulation on what can be put in pet food. She gave her company the tagline "Good dogs deserve good things" and worked toward making products that dogs loved and were good for them.

"A lot of people now see their pets as family members so obviously you want to treat them the same way you treat your family and that includes feeding them really good ingredients and not just garbage food," Mok said.

In Dogs We Trust keeps a very high standard for the quality of their ingredients, something that customers have caught on to leading to huge demand for all products.

Mok credits her own dog, Walter, for being the pickiest dog in the world, leading her to develop a sorbet he would actually eat after seeing him refuse countless other treats.

Currently, In Dogs We Trust operates as an online business, although they have partnered with two stores in Toronto. Both Dog Lounge, and Bone House have begun carrying these doggie desserts.

For pet owners, it's just the newest way to keep your best friend happy.

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