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The top 10 new ice cream in Toronto

Ice cream shops in Toronto are plentiful and it looks like we have even more new options this summer. Whether you usually go for a classic cone or prefer your ice cream fully tricked-out with all of the toppings imaginable, you won't be stuck for options. 

Here are my picks for the top 10 new ice cream spots in Toronto. 

Cream and Co.

This ghost kitchen operation offers a new lineup of ice creams and toppings every week. Serving up cones, pints and ice cream cakes, they even recently did a collab with Mad Dough to create incredibly enticing ice cream sandwiches. 


This ice cream parlour and cafe serve up decked-out ice cream cups and cones alongside caffeinated beverages. They're known for their decked-out bubble waffles that come with extravagant toppings like sour keys, toasted marshmallows and googly eyes. They also have boozy options. 


Though this cozy French bistro may be better known for its rotisserie chicken, the ice cream is pretty great too. They offer tasty soft serve with your choice of toppings alongside sorbet sundaes. 


This spot that whips up their ice cream in small batches has been winning over the hearts of sweet tooths for their always-interesting rotating flavours. Krispy Kreme, Somali Chai and blueberry pancake are all options depending on the week. 

Creamery X

This shop specializes in frozen custard and vegan ice cream. Making everything homemade and in small batches, there's an epic selection of flavours to choose from including coconut cream pie, French Canadian toast, and fig and lemon. 

Ruru Baked 

This small-batch ice cream shop consistently sells out of their delicious handmade flavours that include pandan, banoffee pie, oolong, ribena and mango. Just make sure you get there early enough in the day to get your hands on one of the scoops or pints. 

Upper East Food Club

Purple yam ice cream from Cafe Bora is just one of the delicacies at this Asian-inspired food hall that also includes a spot for boba, sushi and fresh bao buns. The ice cream gets its subtle flavours from a natural recipe of milk, condensed milk and sweet potatoes. 

Ice Creamonology

This ice cream shop sells handmade ice cream by the pint as well as Turkish coffee. They focus on doing classic flavours right, as with their mint chocolate chip that's made with fresh mint leaves. Pistachio and blueberry and white chocolate cheesecake are also available. 

Honey's Ice Cream

This dairy-free, plant-based ice cream shop doesn't compromise on texture or flavour. Coming in tubs, bars and sandwiches, they offer the classics like chocolate chip cookie dough as well as more interesting flavours like peanut butter and saltine crackers. 

Patty Cake and Ice Cream

This restaurant that does Jamaican patties alongside cheesecakes also has ice cream. Flavours come in a relatively standard range of flavours such as chocolate, vanilla, cotton candy, mango and cookie dough. There's also a decadent Oreo sundae on the menu. 

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Fareen Karim at Ruru Baked

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