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Creamery X serves up vegan and dairy custard ice cream from the corner of Queen and Jarvis. 

Owners Melissa and Bonnie unexpectedly entered the world of ice cream a few years ago and haven't looked back since.

creamery xHaving met each other at their corporate job, the couple realized their true calling lay elsewhere. Melissa's love for baking and Bonnie's passion for ice cream resulted in Creamery X, an ice cream spot brimming with unusual flavours.

creamery xMelissa and Bonnie's journey began with a ghost kitchen for their ice-cream in Scarborough, while still working their corporate jobs. Deciding to commit to their dreams full-time, they expanded their business and set up a physical store.

Initially at Jarvis north of Queen, Creamery X is now located right on the corner with a store that has a bright and colourful interior.

creamery xTheir dairy custard ice cream is rich in flavour and has a distinct texture. Everything at Creamery X is hand-made including the add-ins for the ice-cream flavours.

Though they started off with only dairy ice cream, Melissa and Bonnie realized that there was a huge demand for vegan and gluten-free ice-cream, something that they wanted to tap into.

"When we started out, it took us about 6 weeks to perfect our dairy recipe and almost 2 years for the ideal vegan recipe," Melissa shared.

creamery xThe duo wanted to ensure that the vegan ice cream retained the texture and richness of their dairy counterparts and spent time doing their research to achieve this.

While initially starting off with a coconut milk base, Melissa and Bonnie realized that an oat milk base was better suited for vegan ice cream.

"A lot of the time people can't even tell if it's vegan or dairy," Bonnie notes proudly.

creamery xA great thing about the ice cream at Creamery X is that it's never overpoweringly sweet. Bonnie noted that it was a conscious decision to reduce the amount of sugar in the ice cream. A blend of dextrose and skimmed milk powder prevents the ice cream from getting too sweet.

creamery xAside from its popular ice cream flavours, Creamery X also sells baked goods like ice cream cakes and cookies. You'll also find some drinks including soda floats and coffee.

creamery xIce cream flavours rotate every month at Creamery X to ensure customers have something new to look forward to. Ice cream pints are sold in-store and online for anyone wanting to take some ice cream home. All of the packaging at Creamery X is recyclable.

creamery xAs the couple builds their business and brand, they're also conscious of finding ways to give back to the community. With their "Charity Flavour" that changes every month, Melissa and Bonnie ensure that 25 per cent of its proceeds are donated to a local charity.

creamery xThe toffee crunch perfectly balances its flavours with brown butter, brown sugar, toffee, almonds and chocolate chips. A single scoop is $5.

The Portuguese Custard Tart flavour is a bestseller and rightfully so. Warm vanilla custard, cinnamon, lemon and puff pastry come together in this ice cream that was actually inspired by the traditional dessert that dates back to the 18th century.

creamery xIf you're looking to try out something different, the vegan and gluten-free Earl Grey & Almond Brûlée scoop is a great choice. It's interesting how well Earl Grey works as an ice cream flavour when it's made with all the right ingredients.

My favourite was the Strawberry Cherry which makes for a terrific summer flavour. The result is creamy and fresh, with the berries blending perfectly in their custard base. creamery xMelissa and Bonnie tell blogTO they hope to expand their business and set up more Creamery X locations across the city.

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Creamery X

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