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Toronto's first funnel cake restaurant permanently shuts down

Toronto's most famous food truck for funnel cakes has closed its only storefront

After more than three years slinging soft serve-covered, deep fried carnival food by Wellesley station, Funnel Cakes Express has announced that it has shut its store for good. 

The funnel cake brand, which has gained a devoted following over the years as a food truck mainstay at the CNE and Canada's Wonderland, opened at 8 Wellesley St. East in 2017.

The brand took to social media on Wednesday to let guests know of its brick-and-mortar's permanent closure.

If Funnel Cake Express' claims are true, that means that Toronto's first and only restaurant for funnel cakes is now no more.

Don't be too sad, though: The owners have stated their food trucks, event services, and funnel cake kits are still open and available. 

Plus, the CNE is planning to reopen in Toronto for summer 2021, so you can probably catch their funnel cakes there.

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Funnel Cake Express

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