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Toronto lawyer makes the most incredible cookie art that Schitt's Creek fans will love

If you're a Schitt's Creek fan and have developed an obsession with cookies decorated with intricate royal icing designs, there's a new Instagram account run by a Toronto lawyer you should definitely be following.

Black Rose Cookie Co. only posts photos of cookie creations and doesn't currently accept orders, so don't get your hopes up for an upcoming celebration — but you're free to ogle the pictures all you want. Maybe they could provide inspiration for your own creative baking ventures.

The Schitt's Creek cookies are decorated with designs featuring minimalist portraits of characters and new takes on iconic lines from the show like "I love this journey for you," "A little bit pregnant," "bébé," and "You are living an exciting new chapter in the book on tape of your life."

"I was pretty surprised about how popular these cookies seem to be with people, but there's been a hugely positive reaction to them. At first it was just my friends and family, but once I made my Instagram account and started posting my cookies, strangers started DMing me to place orders," Christina Lewis of Black Rose told blogTO.

"I don't sell them at the moment, but the overwhelming support from friends, family, the cookie community, kind souls in my DMs is all making me seriously consider becoming a cookiepreneur."

That's right, she's actually not a cookiepreneur already; in fact, her day job is far removed from the baking world.

"I'm a lawyer by day and the hours can be long, but I never gave up having a creative outlet in my life. I used to draw and paint as a hobby, but never really knew what to do with the finished product. A few years ago I started making cookies and it all fell into place," says Lewis.

"I have fun baking and decorating, and then give them away to friends and family to eat and enjoy too. At first, it was simple designs for things like birthday parties, weddings and baby showers. But when the pandemic began, my eyes started turning to more complex cookie themes."

People have become enamoured with Schitt's Creek (featuring Toronto actor Dan Levy) and its popularity has only increased since cleaning up at the Emmys. Schitt's Creek has now inspired everything from a themed version of Mariah Carey's Christmas tune to a pop-up installation of the Rosebud Motel sign.

"My latest Schitt's Creek inspired set was a baby gift for my best friend who absolutely loves the show. Of course, I had to rewatch the series for research purposes. Her family are big fans too, so the cookies were a huge hit, they all ate them while watching the show together," says Lewis.

"And that's exactly why I do it. I like that my cookies make people happy, first when they see them, and then when they eat them. I get messages from people saying they're so pretty they even feel bad eating them, which is so mindblowing to hear."

Other subject matter for detailed Black Rose cookies includes Wednesday Addams, cacti, cocktails, skeletons, foxes and unicorns. If you have hopes of maybe getting your hands on some in the future, keep following Black Rose Cookie Co.'s journey on Instagram to see what's next.

"I just make them for fun when I have an exciting idea or am inspired by the talented cookie community on Instagram. I love looking back at my early creations and seeing how my skills and style have evolved," says Lewis.

She adds: "I haven't left my day job for the cookie life just yet, I am currently looking into options to make and distribute Black Rose Cookies."

Lead photo by

Black Rose Cookie Co.

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