vegan restaurants toronto 2020

The top 5 new vegan restaurants in Toronto

New vegan restaurants in Toronto opened in 2020 with plant-based menus that run the gamut of cuisines. Dishes include refreshing Thai salads, filling Egyptian falafels and meat-free Mexican. 

Here are my picks for top new vegan restaurants in Toronto.

Green Haven

A vegan menu with Asian influences comes by way of this Junction restaurant which opened early this year. Sub out meats with plant-based chicken nuggets, Japanese curry fries, and decadent salads. 

Eat Nabati

Kensington Market's newest spot for Egyptian eats is also totally meat-free, hence the name "Nabati," which refers to vegetarian eats in Arabic. Their hulking falafels stuffed with cashew-based halloumi cheese is just one of many colourful veggie dishes here. 

vegan restaurants toronto 2020

Stuffed falafels and saucy roasted cauliflower are on the menu at Eat Nabati. Photo by Fareen Karim.

Haven Eatery

The nourishing vegan meals at this Annex takeout spot have become increasingly popular throughout the duration of the pandemic. It's no surprise given the big (and well priced) portions of wheat Shanghai noodles, black pepper seitan, and coconut curry chik'n.

La Bartola

This Little Italy restaurant comes from Mexico City-born chef Ivan Castro, whose entire restaurant is pretty much an homage to Mexican women. His menu takes staples like tacos and tostados and gives them an extra dose of herbs and ingredients like braised hibiscus flowers. 

vegan restaurants toronto 2020

La Bartola serves up vegan Mexican Eats in Little Italy. Photo by Fareen Karim.

Planta Cucina

The Planta brand has meandered into the realm of Mexican-inspired eats with a new vegan spot on Temperance Street. The menu includes cauliflower adobo and pipians tuffed with butternut squash and taco platters.

Lead photo by

Hector Vasquez of Green Haven.

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The top 5 new vegan restaurants in Toronto

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