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People aren't loving Starbucks' new sippy cup lids in Toronto

Note: Starbucks Canada has issued an update to this story. "We’ve learned of some fit issues with select cups in some of our stores and are providing replacement cups to all affected markets as quickly as possible. The fit issue was not with the new Strawless lid."

Earlier this week, Starbucks announced that it would finally be rolling out its new, strawless cold drink lids to Canadians — but only in Toronto, to start.

Lucky us! Or not.

The recyclable lids, which are expected to replace one billion straws per year at Starbucks, are indeed more environmentally-friendly than the alternative.

They also fit nicely into the Seattle coffee giant's global environmental plan, which includes completely eliminating plastic straws by 2020, alongside other sustainability initiatives.

The problem is that the sippy-lids kind of suck. Either that, or a lot of people are bad at using sippy cups.

Complaints have been pouring in on Twitter across the U.S. in recent weeks, and more recently here in Toronto, about the lids being too loose for cold drink cups.

Some people say they fall right off.

Others find liquid running down the sides of their beverages thanks to a poor seal between lid and cup.

Others still find the mouth holes way too big...

... and complain of iced coffee spilling all over their cars and clothes .

The thin material used for the lids is also being criticized as "too flimsy."

Many of the people who've been splashed agree that saving sea turtles is a worthy cause, and that ditching plastic straws is a great idea... but that the sippy cups, in their current form, suck.

"I don't like to say I hate something but the new lids for your iced drinks keep popping off," said one customer to the company on Twitter yesterday. 

"[I] like the concept, but [you] need to work on this! Just spilled it on my white Converses. This is the third time it's happened. You just barely squeeze it to pick it up and off it goes."

"I really appreciate Starbucks attempting a strawless lid for cold drinks but I have not had a single one that stays on or doesn't leak," noted another.

And they are so very far from alone in their criticism of the new lids.

Some are criticizing the complainers, however, for even using plastic in the first place.

"Instead of complaining about Starbucks crappy lids, how about you bring your own up," wrote one person on Twitter. "The point is to reduce plastic and you're still using it."


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