lego bar toronto

This is what Toronto's new Lego-themed bar looks like

The Brick Bar is the indoor, dark, air-conditioned activity Toronto needs this sweltering weekend.

Comprising over a million Lego blocks, it's a travelling pop-up that lets adults drink while playing with Legos for the ultimate nostalgia trip.

lego bar torontoThe pop-up is decorated with huge Lego sculptures including a double-sided throne, fully functioning fountain and a ball pit.

lego bar toronto

Appearing in other cities like London and New York, here it's situated at Rosehill Venue.

lego bar toronto

The bar area itself has a capacity of about 150, Lego bar stools and bean bag chairs for seating, though there's a total capacity of about 300 including a breakout seating area.

lego bar toronto

Tickets are available for hour-and-a-half time slots, starting at $15 for slots beginning at noon, reaching up to $25 for a prime Saturday 8:30 p.m. slot.

lego bar toronto

A DJ spins party tracks as nostalgic as the Lego itself (think "Starships" by Nicki Minaj).

lego bar toronto

Pops of neon throughout the bar add a cheeky adult touch.

lego bar torontoMassive tubs of Lego that feel like they're straight out of your mom's attic are everywhere. All the walls are baseplates so you can add your own design to them, or you can chill and build your own creation on a free-floating one.

lego bar torontoA functioning ping pong table is made out of 22,500 bricks.

lego bar torontoThere are small prizes like free drinks to be won, an MC wandering around and calling out all the most awesome builders and Lego fans.

lego bar torontoSince the pop-up travels, masterpieces from past locations actually travel with it, some quite impressive and definitely Insta-worthy.

lego bar torontoThe also a ball pit with a basketball hoop provides yet another epic selfie opportunity.

lego bar toronto

A Brick Burger ($8 with fries) is part of a basic bar menu that's nothing special but definitely decent, and will do in a pinch if you need a bite to eat. You have to dress your own burger with condiment packets, little kid birthday party style.

lego bar torontoSugary specialty cocktails ($11) that come in brick-shaped cups include a Rum Punch or Long Island Iced tea, both crushable drinks sure to induce a buzz and burst of hyperactivity that's appropriate for the short slots. And yes, the bar is also decorated to look like it's made out of Lego bricks.

lego bar toronto

There's also beer in bottles like Mill Street and Heineken ($7 - $8), wine ($7) and regular mixed drinks ($8). Additional commemorative Lego cups can be purchased on their own for $2. 

lego bar torontoThere 's even free Leg0-shaped gummies for the taking at the bar for an additional child-like sugar rush.

lego bar toronto

The last available slot to get in to The Brick Bar is July 7 at 7 p.m.

lego bar toronto

Lead photo by

Fareen Karim

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