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10 restaurants to go to in Toronto to satisfy your period cravings

When you need to satisfy period cravings in Toronto, sometimes it feels like you could eat all the food at all the restaurants, and sometimes desires get oddly specific. Typically the need for all things sweet and salty dominates, so here are the places where you can get your fries, chocolate, ice cream, peanuts and more.

Here are my picks for the top restaurants in Toronto to satisfy your period cravings.

Sweet Olenka’s

Brownies, cake, ice cream, and all the chocolate are available from multiple outposts of this queen of desserts, so cravings can be satisfied across the city.

Maker Pizza   

Big cheesy pizzas with giant dollops of sauce are, of course, available for delivery to wherever you're huddled away, from Queen West and Avenue locations of this popular spot.


Sometimes the sweet, salty, sticky and crunchy combination that is pad thai really hits the spot during PMS and nowhere does it better than multiple locations of this restaurant, which also makes an amazing gaeng masaman curry loaded with whole peanuts.


Fries galore and apple pie milkshakes can be obtained at all hours of the day from this diner at Dundas and Ossington that never closes.

Dutch Dreams

Get ice cream sundaes that could feed your whole family (or one person on their period) from this trusted parlour in the St. Clair West neighbourhood.

Daily Dumpling    

Little Italy has this spot that loads up Shanghai-style dumplings with tons of thick, nutty peanut sauce. It's perfect for satisfying those savoury cravings.


Butter chicken is sweet, savoury, and creamy, making it surprisingly satisfying when period cravings hit, and this place near Christie Pits makes some of the best in the city.

Function Bar    

This bar at Yonge and Eglinton makes sweet and savoury ice cream like something out of a PMS daydream, in daily changing flavours like Cap’n Crunch or Hawaiian pizza.

KaKa AYCE   

The only thing you might want more when you’re on your period than sushi is more sushi, and at this AYCE place on Bay you can get just that. You can even get sushi topped with meat like beef or duck to replenish that iron.


All the baked goods and some of the chewiest cookies you'll ever cry over, plus ice cream sandwiches and milkshakes, are the purview of this beloved spot in Bloorcourt.

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Hector Vasquez at Function Bar

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