Stuffed Foods Toronto

10 outrageous stuffed foods you can eat in Toronto

Outrageous stuffed food offerings in Toronto provide an added surprise while digging into your dinner or dessert. There's nothing better than biting into a doughnut or giant piece of fried chicken and being delighted with a burst of filling.

Here's a roundup of outrageous stuffed foods you can eat in Toronto.

Doughtnuts at The Rolling Pin

One of Toronto's most charming and well-known bakeries can be found at Avenue & Lawrence. The bakery specializes in stuffed doughnuts ranging in offerings like Key Lime Pie and Nutella Bomb. 

Stuffed Foods Toronto

Croissants are just one of many baked goods stuffed at 7 Baker. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

Croissants at 7 Baker

A favourite at this Yonge & Wellesley Chinese bakery is their matcha lava croissant. This soft and moist green croissant is spilling out with matcha custard inside. For those who prefer something even sweeter, there's a chocolate version called the Dirty Ditty.

Stuffed Foods Toronto

Cheese is pouring out of the burgers at Ozzy's Burgers. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

Burgers at Ozzy's Burgers

Make your way to the counter of the Kensington Market burger joint and order up the Ciao Bello Portobello. The burger is topped with a crusted portobello stuffed with the most molten, ooey-gooiest cheddar and mozzarella cheeses.

Buns at Kwan Dim Sum 

The dim sum spot has multiple locations in Toronto and at each one you'll find salted egg yolk buns. The buns come to the table piping hot and perfectly ooze as your bite into them. 


When you rip into the mochi at H Cafe you'll be pleasantly surprised to find a whole strawberry inside. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

Mochi at H Cafe

It's all about Daifuku at this Japanese bakery chain. These hand-made mochis come in a variety of flavours including the popular stuffed strawberry-red bean one.

Stuffed Foods Toronto

Cookies get stuffed into cookies at Craig's Cookies. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

Cookies at Craig's Cookies

This Parkdale bakery is where all of your childhood dreams come true. The cookie spot stuffs their cookies with candy bars, other types of cookies and even Pop Tarts. 

Stuffed Foods Toronto

Maiz doesn't play around when it comes to stuffing arepas. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

Arepas at Maiz

Arepas are the specialty at this Latin American restaurant. Opt for the Pabellon and receive one with filled with shredded beef, black beans, sweet and firm fried plantain and cotija cheese. It's available at all three of their restaurant locations.

Stuffed Foods Toronto

Stuffed pasta chests are a must-try at Il Covo. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

Pasta at Il Covo

When you think "outrageous and stuffed" you may not think of this Little Italy restaurant. However, an order of the  Scrigno will change all of that. Pasta gets filled with a mixture of tangy, creamy Carozzi gorgonzola and slightly bitter radicchio di Chiogga. Yum!

Stuffed Foods Toronto

The more cream the better at HK Sweets. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

Pancakes at HK Sweets

Not far from Yorkdale Mall is where you'll discover this spot serving Chinese-style snacks. A must-try item is the rainbow pancake platter. It's a trio of mango, kiwi, and strawberry pancakes stuffed with cream and fresh fruits.

Fried Chicken at Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

Make your way to one of their locations to sink your teeth into giant pieces of Taiwanese fried chicken stuffed with cheese. The Hot Cheese Fried Chicken is stuffed with ooey gooey melted cheese.

Lead photo by

Hector Vasquez at The Rolling Pin

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