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7 Baker is a sweet-smelling bakery making high-quality artisanal breads in all sorts of creative shapes and sizes. 

With a glistening exterior and a naturally-lit space, this store—which touts itself as Euro-Asian—smells as good as it looks. 

7 baker toronto7 Baker brings together several features of both Asian and European bakeries for a one-of-a-kind menu of croissants, buns, twists, and pockets, all baked fresh daily, sans preservatives.

7 baker torontoWhile flavours and ingredients are mainly Asian, with exciting ingredients like matcha, taro, or salted egg, bread is baked European-style. 

7 baker torontoThat means flakier, softer bread that uses less fat and sugar than, say, Hong Kong-style pastries, though you'll find a number of Chinese-inspired favourites here.

7 baker torontoThe store is also set up like Hong Kong bakery: customers can pick and choose their selection of buns using a tray, tongs, and sheets of baking paper. It will likely be the same deal at their upcoming location in the PATH as well. 

7 baker torontoIn the back, a counter allows a limited number of customers to dine-in. You'll also find a mural of 7 Baker's mascot, a piece of dough named SeVII. 

7 baker torontoA small oven by the front door stores a number of warm items like the charcoal sausage bun ($3.99), a take on the Chinese classic using dough mixed with charcoal. 

7 baker torontoIt doesn't taste too much different than its traditional counterpart flavour-wise, but in terms of texture, there's no doubt the baked goods here are of much higher quality.

7 baker torontoThere's also an interesting tom yum bun ($3.99), filled with a tom yum sauce, veggies, and shrimp inside.

7 baker torontoFurther along you'll find more goods in the glass cases that line the wall. A favourite is the matcha lava croissant ($4.99). 

7 baker torontoThis soft and moist green croissant is spilling out with matcha custard inside. For those who prefer something even sweeter, there's a chocolate version called the Dirty Ditty for the same price. 

7 baker torontoThe black charcoal-breads, which look like neolithic rocks, are the most striking items here, and come with a variety of different fillings.

7 baker torontoThe hulking, round charcoal bread ($7.99) filled with salted egg yolk and pork floss is a unique item. 

7 baker torontoIf you're planning on eating in the bakery, make sure to ask them to cut this beast of a treat for you. 

7 baker torontoOn the opposite end of the size spectrum are the inka bon bons ($4.99 for three) which are inspired by Japanese takoyaki. 

These little pieces of charcoal bread don't actually contain any squid ink, but they are stuffed with a garlicky mix of sauce and squid inside. 

7 baker torontoBut it's not only bread on the menu here: there's a whole case of mini cakes available up in the front.

7 baker torontoIn fact, the owners behind 7 Baker started off as an e-commerce cake shop called 7 Cake.

7 baker torontoServing the same offerings as 7 Cake, but the little versions, you can grab beautifully-made treats like the Puerto Rico cake ($7.99).

7 baker torontoThis delicate-looking thing is filled with pineapple mousse, pina colada and coconut dacqoise. 

7 baker torontoThe heart-shaped Fes cake ($6.99) is perfect for any celebratory occasion, and comes with peach mousse and Earl Grey tea mousse inside.

7 baker torontoThe drinks menu is still expanding here, and soon 7 Baker will be offering an full list of lightly sweetened bubble teas to quench your thirst.

7 baker torontoBut in the mean time, drinks like the grapefruit iced tea ($4.99) make for a lightly refreshing beverage. 

7 baker toronto

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7 Baker

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