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HK Sweets

HK Sweets is a shop serving Chinese-style snacks and desserts in a small plaza not far from Yorkdale Mall. 

There's another location of this sweet shop at Yonge and Eg, but if you find yourself craving some matcha soft serve in the Yorkdale area, this original spot is a cozy reprieve. 

hk sweets torontoThe menu at HK Sweets is pretty expansive, including everything from the sweet to the savoury. 

hk sweets torontoThere's of course the usual Chinese cafe options like tapioca-filled taro milk teas ($5.49) as well as some sparkling Italian lime sodas ($6.49). 

hk sweets torontoThe fruit tea ($6.49) is a refreshing mix of kiwi slices, strawberries, and lime, with passion fruit syrup and aiyu jelly. 

hk sweets torontoThe main attractions here are obviously the desserts, like the mango honey mountain ($15.99). 

hk sweets torontoUsing huge chunks of bread made in-house, the mountains are literally that: towering piles of toast. 

hk sweets torontoDrizzled with cream and mango sauce, these thick pieces of crunchy toast are topped with fresh mangos and an extra layer of honey. It's also served with a cup of vanilla soft serve on the side.

hk sweets torontoI highly doubt you'll be able to finish it completely, even if shared between two people. 

hk sweets torontoThe rainbow Hong Kong-style waffle uses a tri-toned batter to create these popular puffs with colour inside. 

hk sweets torontoServed with matcha soft serve, mixed fruit, and condensed milk, the whole thing is brought over in an ingenious cone-holder to avoid excess drip, though a making a mess is pretty inevitable. 

hk sweets torontoFor people who don't like things too sweet, I highly recommend the coconut jelly ($10.99) which comes in a whole coconut shell and tastes almost breakfast-jar like in its mildness.

hk sweets torontoThe shell comes with two layers of jelly: coconut cream jelly on top and jelly made from coconut water on the bottom, and a side of one fruit, or $1 for extra.

hk sweets torontoA rainbow pancake platter ($10.99) is another favourite. 

hk sweets torontoThis trio of mango, kiwi, and strawberry pancakes are made from scratch in the store.

hk sweets torontoThey each come stuffed with cream and fresh fruits, and your choice of matcha or vanilla ice cream in a cup. 

hk sweets torontoThe matcha waffle ($9.99) is a hearty treat that's filled with ice cream, red bean, and condensed milk. 

hk sweets torontoConsidering the success of chicken and waffles, it's no surprise this Chinese take is equally delicious if not more so. Tender and crispy Chinese fried chicken is wrapped in a HK-style bubble waffle for a really satisfying savoury treat. 

hk sweets torontoFor the chicken without the waffle, there's HK Sweets' signature Shake Shake chicken ($7.49) which arrives in a white paper bag to start. 

hk sweets torontoAdd your choice of either original salt or a spicy mix of salt and chilli to the bag and shake up the chicken yourself for a very DIY snack. 

hk sweets torontoOverall, all the fried chicken options here are surprisingly impressive.

hk sweets torontoWhat's offered at HK Sweets is far more accessible closer to Yonge or in Markham and Scarborough, so it's refreshing to have an option in this part of North York. 

hk sweets toronto

Photos by

Hector Vasquez

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