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H Cafe

H Cafe is the place to go in Toronto for both traditional and modern takes on Japanese pastries and desserts.

HCafeThe small takeout spot is located at the base of the green-coloured Emerald Park Condos next to the Sheppard subway station.

HCafeH Cafe is perhaps best known for their Daifuku ($4). These hand-made mochis come in a variety of flavours including the popular strawberry-red bean one.

HCafeOne of the most traditional treats here is the Ohagi ($3.50). It’s a bit like an inside-out mochi, with sticky rice mochi on the inside, and red bean on the outside.

HCafeThe Japanese cheesecakes go beyond the standard variety with flavours like taro ($10) that's not too sweet.

HCafeThe Non-Bake Cheesecake – sakura flavour ($8 for small, $35 for large) is almost too pretty to eat and has a consistency that’s not unlike jelly-cream. The sakura flowers are an Insta-worthy touch.

HCafeDon't leave here without trying the Sakura Mochi ($3.50). This traditional Japanese snack comes with salted sakura leaves which go great with the sweet mochi.

HCafeAlso not to be missed is the H Cafe Ice Cream? For $5.34, you get one scoop of ice cream plus the trimmings, which range from fruits to dried frozen cheesecake.HCafe

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H Cafe

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