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The top 10 kids menus at Toronto restaurants

Kids menus in Toronto offer more than just sustenance. They have a little something for everyone and choices beyond chicken nuggets. They're save havens for parents to introduce the world to crayon toting forkless tots with no inside voice, without feeling the stinging shame from the gawking onlookers silently judging them.

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Here are my picks for the restaurants with the top kids menus in Toronto.

Le SĂŠlect Bistro
My favourite out of the bunch, if your kid is in French immersion then this place should be on the top your list. Le SĂŠlect doesn't patronize youngsters - their menu of Duck Confit, Risotto and Steak Frites are elevated and ambitious, at kid sized prices.

The Local Gest
You gotta admire the farm to fork approach to The Local Gest's menus, and the kids menu is no exception. Many ingredients are organically grown, making their kids menu a safe bet with concerned parents. All items clock in at a svelte $7.95.

Barque's straightforward kids menu is priced at an even $10 per meal, with smoky BBQ faves like their ribs or brisket, broken down into easy descriptions like 'chewy or crunchy' for kids who find texture a main motivator. Sides, dessert and drink included.

Kintako's Tadaima Bento Box for kids is like a Japanese happy meal without the toy- the box comes loaded with rolls, teriyaki and tempura. The Eglinton and Laird restaurant has fresh fish and inventive rolls- best enjoyed on their sunny back patio.

Against the Grain
They may have two locations, but lakeside dining is your (seasonal) best bet. Kids will zone out staring at the lake and their pub grub style kids menu (PDF) is kicked up a notch with gourmet nods like aged cheddar and brioche for the Grilled Cheese.

Doug's Public Kitchen
Without getting preachy why not lead by example and nosh a wholesome plant based meal here and there? Doug's got you covered, with ample choices (PDF) on kiddy combos like Club Sandwiches with avocado, or gluten free French Toast all for $9 each.

Drums n Flats
While their kid menu doesn't have chicken wings on it, everything is homemade-fish and chips, burgers or (the only import) Nathan's hot dogs. Sides aren't just relegated to fries - kids will be equally tempted by edamame or veggies and dip, all for $7.

The Ace
The Ace's menu features the standard kiddie fare but is elevated with the veggie based options like or Tomato Soup with Cheesy Crostini ($8) and Spaghetti with San Marzano Tomato Sauce ($7). Kids eat free on Sunday when you order your meal.

Jawny Bakers
Options abound at this O' Connor eatery, with a mixed bag of healthy options like Jumbo Shrimp or Grilled Chicken, but pickier eaters still find their Pizzas, Grilled Cheese (on ten grain) palatable.

Uncle Betty's
Featured on 'You Gotta Eat Here', Uncle Betty's has solid brunch and lunch choices (PDF), like their Nutella and Banana sammies, but the real deal here is the their freshly fried Donuts, courtesy of the Donut Robot.

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What places did I miss? Add more restaurants to the comments. Photo of the fish and chips from Against the Grain.

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