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The 10 coziest bars in Toronto

The coziest bars in Toronto are kind of like a second home for many. They're small spots where you can hang out with a friend or all by your lonesome and secretly listen to what the table next to you is saying. Dim lighting, warm decor, charm and a solid cocktail menu also help.

Here are my picks for the coziest bars in Toronto.

Cocktail Bar

This tiny space balances a laid back vibe with sophisticated, upscale mixology. The Dundas West bar is small enough that a seat at the bar is an optimal choice, and you might find yourself wanting to cozy up near the service staff to inquire about the made-in-house ingredients and techniques on the cocktail menu.

Poetry Jazz Cafe

Dim lighting, jazz music, comfy chairs and an altogether laid back, vintage atmosphere are the details that make this slightly hidden bar in Kensington Market stand out. It all feels very New York speakeasy.

The Shameful Tiki

What makes this one of the coziest bars in Parkdale? It's definitely the seating, the ultra dim lighting, and the warm, tropical feel of the music and decor.

The Walton

Sitting pretty on College Street is this quaint, Scandinavian-feeling bar with charming staff, fixture and decorations. It feels fresh, airy, but private and secretive, despite being on one of the busiest bar-crawl streets in the city.

Inter Steer

The lighting is always dim, the service is always sweet and the tables encourage closeup sitting at this Roncesvalles watering hole. There's also floor to ceiling wood paneling, classic drinks, perogies and a juke box that'll make it easy to tuck yourself away into a booth and hang the night away.

The Gaslight

The owners of the Communist Daughter and the County General blended the best of both worlds in this spot in the Junction Triangle. The church pew seating and low tables invite guests to huddle together for some quiet, intimate conversations.

Hole in the Wall

This narrow stretch of a bar in the Junction is exactly what it's named after. Though, this is a hole you'll definitely want to burrow in for a while with a well-made cocktail and curated music (sometimes live).

Mulberry Bar

This adorable Bloorcourt nook comes to us from the folks behind the popular coffee-by-day, cocktails-by-night spot Northwood. You'll feel like you're tucked away in a little bar in the South of France sipping on expertly made cocktails.

The Comrade

This Riverside joint is a longstanding hangout and watering hole that also happens to serve up some of the most amazing food in its neighbourhood. There's a Britsh hunters lodge feeling to the place with lots of exposed brick and taxidermy.

The Cavern Bar

The thought of a bar inside a hostel sounds less "cozy night out" and more "$10 for multi-shot drinks in a jug." Luckily, the Hostelling International in-house bar in King East does offer both, living up to its name with low, sloping exposed-brick walls and long communal tables.

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Jesse Milns at The Gaslight

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