Philman George: The Rhyming Chef

Photo courtesy Johnny Vong.

Watching Philman George in action, it's clear that this guy has fun in the kitchen. Known as The Rhyming Chef, Philman turns cooking into a performance art.

What inspired you to become The Rhyming Chef?

I just wanted to combine my two passions together. I'm very creative, and I felt that cooking in a restaurant setting did not fully utilize all my talents. Also TV food networks often neglect hip-hop culture in their programs, so I felt I could fill a much needed gap.


What has the audience response been like?

After and during a live show the crowd is very receptive. The reactions vary from big smiles from grandmas to "lick a shot" from hip-hop heads. Either way the reaction is positive and people always ask me if I have my own TV show, which is a big compliment. DVDs sell like crazy after the shows as well.

How much do you charge for dinner parties?

This all depends on the number of people and menu. On average around $75 dollars per person includes cost of food, service, rhymes & entertainment, plus your very own cooking lesson in the comfort of your own home.

What's the weirdest thing that's ever happened to you at one of your
dinner parties?

After a few bottles of wine, people tend to do think they can rhyme as well. I will never forget this one family who invited me over because they wanted something different. They were the type that listened to country and classical music. Imagine a 50 year old white male trying to beatbox, while his wife attempts to rhyme over it. Classic cuts!

What are your favourite restaurants in Toronto?

Swatow - Beef and broc chow-mien @ 3am WOW!

Wai Sing - Double Lobster with ginger&green onion sauce $27 NICE!

Ritz Caribbean food - When hunger is large and funds are low.

Phil will be performing at Harbourfront on Sunday, July 29th. For more info, please see The Rhyming Chef or call 416-713-CHEF.

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