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Video of Tim Hortons roaches has people sharing their Toronto fast food horror stories

While most restaurants in Toronto will likely experience a pest problem at some point, diners who want to remain blissfully unaware of the less palatable realities of the industry expect businesses to at least try their best to keep creepy crawlies at bay (and behind closed doors).

Unfortunately for one Tim Hortons in the city, a resident cockroach was feeling particularly friendly this weekend and decided to make its proud debut to customers while they were waiting on their food orders.

Of course, one person was quick to whip out their phone and take a video of the insect, which they then shared on Reddit on Saturday.

"New menu items at Tim Hortons," the resident joked about the roach, which appears to be of the German variety and was spotted at the Timmies at Parliament and Dundas Streets — something that commenters don't seem too surprised about.

Along with revelling in their collective disgust at the situation, some of those jumping to comment on the quick clip are also chiming in with their own fast food horror stories from eateries around the city, whether they were roach sightings, bugs baked into food items or more intimate encounters with larger critters.

"I saw a rat one time at Popeyes. I told the lady behind the counter and she was like 'Thank you for letting us know' and then proceeded to keep taking orders," one user shared.

"I walked out of a Burger King and stepped on a dead rat on their doorstep that wasn't there when I walked in. I went back in and told the manager, and her response was, 'That isn't ours' and turned her back on me," another voiced.

Another said that their former workplace, a Bulk Barn, used to simply scoop out clusters of maggots from bins of food after "sealing the bins shut and waiting for the maggots to crawl to the top for air."

As gross and shocking as some of these anecdotes may be, one person aptly noted that "most restaurants are not 'pest-free,' they’re just kept under control."

"They’re in every restaurant you ever stepped foot in," they added as some sort of consolation to the Tim's customer, who did not mention whether they still consumed their food and drink after filming.

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