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People are hating on this one Toronto highway exit where no one knows how to drive

Toronto is acclaimed for many things, but it certainly isn't a place known for its exceptional drivers, with all of our road rage brawls, brash disregard of road rules, and other unbelievable capers of those behind the wheel.

Some parts of the city are more reputed than others for being dangerous, slow-moving or just flat out frustrating to navigate, one of them definitely being the Spadina Avenue exit off of the eastbound Gardiner Expressway.

The exit, which is constantly a backed-up mess, tends to invite people to cut in at the last second when they pretend to (or genuinely do) miss the signage indicating they need to merge right to get off the highway.

It's a pain point that motorists are always complaining about, especially after one newly-viral video that showcases the issue, calling those edging into the mass of cars waiting to exit "main characters" who refuse to follow proper etiquette and ensure they get into the correct lane early like everyone else tries to.

"Waited in a long lineup of cars taking the Spadina exit and kept seeing entitled a-holes cutting people off to squeeze in at the last minute. This isn't a zipper situation, these are just people that don't want to wait and know they can just cut everyone else with zero consequences," the original poster wrote on Reddit on Monday along with a clip that has since been shared all over socials.

Thousands are now airing their frustration over what are being called "Spadina exit snakes," with many saying Toronto is "one of the worst in the cities for this type of sh**" and that people should just accept that they missed their turn and take the next one rather than butt in front of dozens of other cars.

A few are also chiming in to say things like "I make it my life's goal to not let them in," and suggesting that those in line team up to ensure these types don't make it into the queue.

At the same time, a fair share of commenters have admitted to employing this reviled exit tactic themselves, saying that if they see the chance to insert themselves further up, they'll happily take it with a "you snooze, you lose" sort of mindset.

As one person noted, "being a nice person doesn't work on Toronto highways," and while common courtesy is a lovely concept, not everyone is going to have it.

While people continue to rage about this specific issue, others have pointed out in similar posts in recent days that it seems motorists in Ontario have a lot of trouble with merging properly in general, a common contributor to the province's road rage incidents and fender benders on a daily basis.

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