toronto road rage fight

Driver gets punched in the face in latest Toronto road rage video

Toronto just can't seem to live down its reputation for being wrought with toxic drivers.

A video posted to reddit on Sunday shows the aftermath of a lane change gone wrong, prompting two drivers to take their argument outside, of their vehicles that is.

Rather than simply exchanging words though, the enraged men opt for a more hands on approach to resolving their issue. 

Road rage in downtown Toronto
by u/llamalord2212 in fightporn

Within the first five seconds of the video, it's pretty clear that this isn't going to end with a friendly apology. The man driving the SUV, who we'll refer to as Tank Top, walks up to the window of the man driving the truck to share a piece of his mind, and likely a bit of his saliva as well. 

As Tank Top approaches the window, he makes an unpleasant spitting motion that clearly sets off the other man, we'll call him Orange Shirt Guy, who promptly exits his vehicle and makes his way over to Tank Top's car, attempting to enter through the driver side door.

Tank Top doesn't seem to like this too much, and gets in front of Orange Shirt Guy, pushing him back and catching him in the mid-section with his knee, all in one swift move. After that, Orange Shirt Guy snaps, and unleashes a quick right hand hook that makes clean contact with Tank Top's jaw. 

Stunned, he stumbles back and takes a few moments to walk it off - the pain and the embarrassment of course, and then goes straight for his phone to make a call. Whether it was his mom or the police he decided to call is not clear. 

Orange Shirt Guy leaves him with a few more words before getting back into his truck, and with that the video ends, leaving us with a cliffhanger for the ages.

Turning to the comment section for more information, the poster of the video, operating under the name llamalord2212 explains what he saw before and after the video. 

by u/llamalord2212 from discussion Road rage in downtown Toronto
in fightporn

While his statement is still unverified, he claims that Orange Shirt Guy was, in fact, an off-duty police officer, and details how police later arrived on the scene, and in a dramatic turn of events, ended up arresting Tank Top guy. Talk about a plot twist. 

When asked for comment, the Toronto Police were not able to confirm that any arrest was made, or that Orange Shirt Guy was actually an officer, given the lack of information about when exactly the incident took place. 

All we know for certain is that road rage continues to plague this city, and that llamalord2212 has some impressive cinematography skills, capturing the whole event in his side mirror. 

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