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Hyundai recalls over 11,000 vehicles in Canada

If you own a Hyundai vehicle, it might be a part of this alarming recall.

The car brand is recalling over 11,000 cars and SUVs in Canada due to fire risk.

According to Transport Canada's recall notice, 11,120 vehicles have been affected in Canada, and the issue isn't one to take lightly.

The country's transportation agency says that the circuit board for the transmission electric oil pump may be damaged on certain Hyundai cars and SUVs.

"As a result, the circuit board could short circuit and overheat, and various electrical systems may not work properly," reads the notice.

This short circuit could create the risk of a fire. Hyundai advises drivers with affected vehicles to park outside and away from buildings and other cars until the recall repairs are completed.

"Hyundai will notify owners by mail and advise you to take your vehicle to a dealership to inspect the transmission electric oil pump controller, and replace it as necessary," said Transport Canada.

Here are the models and years that are affected:
hyundai recall canadaYou can find out if this recall applies to you by inputting your Vehicle Identification Number on this site.

You can also contact Hyundai at 1-888-216-2626 for any questions or concerns.

This isn't the only car brand that's having electric oil pump issues; Kia also released a similar recall notice this month.

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