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Comedian hilariously shares the most Canadian things on first time visit to Toronto

An American comedian visiting the Great White North for the first time is documenting all of the weird things he's coming across on his stop in Toronto this week.

Intenet personality Will Menaker has been in the city for a few days for his political podcast Chapo Trap House, which recorded live at the Danforth Music Hall on Thursday.

The first activity on the docket upon crossing the border into Canada was, of course, Tim Hortons, where people suggested he try a BLT, some donuts, a double double, and an Iced Cappucino with chocolate milk (that is, if the Iced Capp machine was actually functional at that location).

Though he may not have actually gotten a sandwich as requested — "the Trudeau breadlines were too long, maybe tomorrow," he joked on social media — many commended him for visiting one of our most beloved cultural institutions.

Next up were some more iconic Canuck snacks: a Crunchie bar and some Lay's all dressed chips, though many were quick to tell the figure he had chosen the wrong brand of the latter, and should have grabbed Ruffles or Miss Vickies.

Menaker said the Crunchie was unfortunately not to his liking, but that the chips were "great" and the best he's had from the brand.

Many suggestions that he try Coffee Crisp ensued, though it is unclear if he followed that advice.

While in the downtown core, the tourist made a quip about SickKids hospital, calling hospital row the "Toronto's famous dying children district." 

While some got in on the joke, others touted the good work that the institution does.

It appears that while here, the New Yorker also took a ride on a GO Train, on which he vowed to talk loudly and obnoxiously, and skillfully ignored blogTO's much-criticized request for comment about what he thinks of our home.

Other key things the Twitterverse recommended that Will (or anyone) do while in the Land of Maple included a stop at North of Brooklyn pizza, a tour of Rob Ford's Etobicoke, a taste of a BeaverTail and some poutine, and a day at Casa Loma.

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