sherbourne carlton ttc music fight

Screaming man chases and attacks TTC passenger for asking to turn down music

A shocking video emerged on social media showing an altercation that left a TTC passenger shaken and in tears, all because they asked another rider to turn down their music.

The video shared by Instagram user brampton__wasteman shows an enraged man screaming at a female passenger, asking, "what did you say to me on the bus?," the two having apparently just exited a TTC vehicle at the corner of Sherbourne and Carlton.

“I don't know who you are,” shouts the female passenger in response. The aggressive male passenger continues yelling, repeatedly asking, "what did you say about my music?" while moving toward the retreating female in a threatening manner.

Next, the female explains that she simply asked the man to turn down his music, before the video cuts out. The clip resumes with the pair again angrily exchanging words, and the female passenger being escorted onto a streetcar as bystanders separate the two. Once safely on board the streetcar, the woman can be heard breaking down in tears.

Several users have spoken out against the shocking display of aggression. One commenter said, "I'm not no artist, but as a artist, shouldn't you expect that some people aren't gonna like your music?"

Others are also assuming that the aggressive passenger may have been blasting his own personal tunes, with one reply saying, "He got mad cause he know his music ain't that good. Humility will take you far in this biz."

One comment notes the neighbourhood in question, which is considered one of the worst affected by an ongoing mental health care crisis in the city. "Sherbourne and carlton, nuff said," reads one comment.

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