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Wild Ontario police chase video shows good boy doggo officers will always catch the bad guys

Local authorities are using video footage of a thrilling police chase just north of Toronto to remind the public that no escape tactics or hideout spots are a match for the province's kickass K-9 units.

Two perpetrators attempting to flee the scene of a crash in Vaughan earlier this month were eventually busted in a local swamp by some very good boys (or girls) who definitely needed a bath after the extremely muddy affair, which ended with one man having to shamefully climb down from a tree and admit defeat.

The duo ran from an allegedly stolen van into a wooded area near Major Mackenzie Drive and Jane Street, attempting to conceal themselves among the dense underbrush and sludge.

While one man was quickly caught by one of the uniformed pups and apprehended by their human partner, the other was able to make his getaway further into the bush.

But, though hiding 40 feet up a large tree may have seemed like a good idea at first to try and throw the canine units off his scent, he was spotted by officers in the air and tracked down on the ground by the eager doggos.

In the clip released by York Regional Police on Twitter, Police Service Dog Drago can be heard barking excitedly at the find after the force said he "trudged through mud and 10-foot-high bulrushes to bring the last suspect into custody," not minding the muck one bit.

Of course, everyone online is obsessing over the dogs and the great job they did, which resulted in two men being charged with multiple offences, including possession of stolen property and failure to stop after an accident.

Later the same night, K-9 officers went on to respond to another criminal incident in the area, with the police pooches managing to track down a man who was once again hiding in some bushes.

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