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Ongoing construction in Toronto neighbourhood has residents feeling stranded

Never-ending construction in one Toronto neighbourhood has residents struggling to access the downtown core, given all of the constant road closures, TTC diversions, and progress on the future Ontario Line

In a post made to the Leslieville community Facebook group, one member alerted other residents of another upcoming closure in the neighbourhood. 

"As if it isn't difficult enough to get downtown from The Beaches now they're going to make it even more difficult. Eastern Avenue is going to be closed soon at the Railway Bridge. It doesn't say when or how long it's going to be closed just that it's going to be closed," the post reads. 

According to the city's website, Eastern Avenue will be closed from Lewis Street to Dibble Street from July 24 to July 28 for the partial demolition of the Eastern Avenue bridge. All eastbound and westbound lanes are set to be occupied for the construction work. 

The post prompted lots of reactions from other local residents, who shared their struggles accessing the downtown core during the morning and afternoon rush hour.

"Dundas is about to get even worse in the morning. It's the only unobstructed route left," one person pointed out. 

"The city is a nightmare to navigate right now with all the closed roads and lane reductions…but it's especially bad in the south east side and it's impossible to travel east west in a reasonable amount of time without wanting to lose your ever loving mind," a comment reads. 

"There is a lack of planning and actual input from the people that live/work the areas between the St. Lawrence neighbourhood and the end of Leslieville. I don't see the purpose of having people switching between streetcars and buses every few stops while travelling a direct route," a member said. 

According to Metrolinx, new rail bridges at Eastern Avenue, Queen Street, Dundas Street, and Logan Avenue will be built to "revitalize the neighbourhoods" and improve traffic flow.

The bridges currently accommodate both GO and VIA Rail services, and are located within the shared rail corridor where the Ontario Line tracks will also be located. 

"We are replacing the bridges because they need to line up with the new tracks we are adding to support expanded GO services as well as the existing tracks that will be repositioned to make room for the Ontario Line. Ontario Line-only bridges will be built next to the new GO rail bridges," Metrolinx said

Earlier this month, the City of Toronto also began a five-month construction project on Broadview Avenue between Gerrard Street East and Danforth Avenue to replace aging streetcar tracks. The $6.5 million project — which is being coordinated alongside the TTC — bundles together several construction issues into one all-encompassing project to save valuable time along the busy corridor. 

As a result, there will be no 504 King or 505 Dundas bus or streetcar service on Broadview Avenue between Broadview Station and Gerrard Street East during construction.

That's not to mention all of the road closures and work that's currently being done down in the Lower Don Lands area as part of the Port Lands Flood Projection Project to give the city a re-naturalized Don River mouth. 

"It's as though they are trying to contain us here in the east end…want us cloistered…if I didn't work elsewhere I wouldn't care…if I could afford to move to be closer to my job I would," another resident wrote. "Literally stranded."

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