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One of Toronto's most popular Canada Day celebrations has been cancelled this year

The sound of fireworks may still be ringing in the ears of Toronto residents after Victoria Day celebrations this weekend, but anyone already looking forward to the next big holiday of the year known for pyrotechnics and partying may be sorely disappointed, depending on what their plans were.

Canada Day, like May two-four, is a time for barbecues, concerts, parties, firework shows and more, with tons of events to attend, both private and put on by the city.

Thousands of revellers usually flock to Ashbridges Bay Park, Canada's Wonderland, Downsview Park and a small handful of other places around Toronto on the stat holiday for guaranteed fun.

But the July 1 event that proved to be extremely popular and drew massive crowds when it was last held has just been called off for 2023.

City staff confirmed to blogTO that the Canada Day function set to be held at Nathan Phillips Square, the central public space that reliably hosts entertainment for all types of occasions, will not be taking place this year.

"Due to resource constraints, the city is no longer planning to activate celebrations at Nathan Phillips Square this year," a spokesperson for the city said, noting that residents and visitors can still commemmorate the day with other public events, such as the Ashbridges Bay fireworks, a fan favourite.

A select attentive few may have already noticed that on the official list of events taking place in the landmark square at Queen and Bay Streets has a "to be announced" placeholder for the dates of June 26 - July 3, sandwiched between more than 70 other events, from farmer's markets and food festivals to Nuit Blanche and a Labour Day gathering.

One person also shared to Reddit an email that City of Toronto volunteers allegedly received notifying them that Canada Day programming was not taking place at Nathan Phillips this summer because "funds secured were not adequate" for what the event and participants deserve.

Responses to that now-popular post include "tldr we broke," "'World Class City' my ass" and "the biggest city in one of the richest countries on the planet can't afford to celebrate the national holiday, lol."

The city says that further details about Canada Day festivities will be shared in a news release in the coming weeks.

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