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Toronto is getting an epic new trail along gorgeous stretch of waterfront

One of Toronto's greatest geological wonders, the Scarborough Bluffs — or perhaps better known as "the Bluffs" — is undergoing a massive facelift to make way for an enhanced shoreline, and the introduction of a scenic multi-use recreational trail.

The Scarborough Waterfront Project (SWP) seeks to provide "safe public access and an enjoyable waterfront experience" while "protecting and enhancing the natural environment" along an 11-kilometre stretch of shoreline between Bluffer's Park and East Point Park

The project is focused along the shoreline, from the top of the Scarborough Bluffs down to the water's edge and along the bluff face. 

Due to the length of the shoreline, the project study area was broken down into three segments, namely the West (Bluffer's Park to Meadowcliffe), Central (Meadowcliffe to Grey Abbey), and East (Grey Abbey to East Point Park). 

scarborough bluffs toronto

The overall plan overview. Photo: Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA)

The detailed design and construction along the shoreline will be implemented in phases, and as directed by City Council in 2018, the project will kick off with the West Segment first. 

According to the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), the West Segment Shoreline and Multi-Use Trail Project will provide an "enjoyable waterfront experience and safe public access along the shoreline" with an eventual connection to the Central Segment. 

The project includes the expansion of the Bluffer's Park headland, which will redirect sand back towards the beach and reduce the need for dredging along the harbour. The expanded headland will also provide more recreational space with seating areas and picturesque views of the Bluffs and Lake Ontario. 

The shoreline will be made accessible through a paved, separated recreational multi-use trail to accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists along the beach. Another paved pedestrian trail will also be provided from the east end parking lot out to the expanded Bluffer's Park headland. 

scarborough bluffs toronto

Rendering for the shoreline multi-use recreational trail. Photo: Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA).

Similarly, the expansion of the Meadowcliffe headland is also set to redirect sand back, creating a "significantly larger" beach that will provide a connection from Bluffer's Park to the Central Segment. 

According to the TRCA's website, the shoreline design is nearing completion, but the trail, landscaping, and other amenities are currently being refined. The Brimley Road South Multi-Use Trail project is currently moving through the 90 per cent design phase and an update (including anticipated construction timelines) is expected to be available by August 2023. 

Local residents can partake in a virtual public open house or take a self-guided information walk at Bluffer's Park between May 15 and June 9 to provide feedback on the project. You can also meet project team representatives in person on Sunday, May 28 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

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Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA)

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