toronto snake fight

Shocking video shows man whipping live snake during street fight in Toronto

Toronto is no stranger when it comes to bizarre street fights, however, this recent one captured on video and involving a live animal might just take the cake. 

In a video submitted to blogTO by an anonymous reader, one man is seen continuously whipping a live snake at another person during a fight on Dundas Street West near Euclid Avenue. 

The shocking altercation occurred right in the middle of the roadway and was quickly responded to by police. 

A quick warning to any animal lovers, the following video contains scenes some may find disturbing and viewer discretion is advised. 

"Essentially I was walking down the street approaching these two who were arguing back and forth," a blogTO reader who filmed the altercation said.

"Guy without the snake goes 'watch out he has a snake' so I crossed the street. Guy without snake was on the phone with the cops telling them to come," they continued. 

"Later learned guy with snake had been walking around with it on his neck and kinda stepping towards people so other guy was following him until the cops came." 

Police are seen instructing the two men to "get on the ground" before the video ends.

The video picked up lots of concerned reactions on social media, with some people urging PETA to get involved and others calling on the police to charge the man with animal cruelty. 

"Shame on what Toronto has become. This is not the Canada I knew," one person wrote

"I hope he got arrested for animal abuse as well," another comment reads.

"I hope the snake was okay," someone else said. "The snake deserves better."  

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Submitted to blogTO

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