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Here are the rules for setting off your own fireworks in Toronto on Victoria Day

Victoria Day fireworks are back in Toronto this year, but in addition to the big displays at Ashbridges Bay and Canada's Wonderland, there are likely to be many fireworks going off in other parts of the city.

While setting off fireworks in your own backyard is as central an element of the holiday as the big displays are, there are special rules and regulations when it comes to personal-use fireworks that you'll have to abide by.

Planning to partake in your own personal firework show this year? You can do so without a permit until 11 p.m. on Victoria Day, which, this year is May 20.

If you're looking to set off fireworks on any other day, you will need a permit.

The City's fireworks regulations also stipulate that you can only set off fireworks on your own property — not in parks or on beaches, streets, parking lots or balconies. 

You're also prohibited from setting off fireworks on any private property that isn't your own.

Not all fireworks are created equally; the City's also issued a list of prohibited fireworks, like smoke bombs, exploding matches, exploding golf balls, stink bombs and fake firecrackers, that you aren't allowed to set off.

Unregulated fireworks have been a nuisance in Toronto for a while now. In recent years, stories of violence — such as fireworks being set off at pedestrians and police — have made headlines after fireworks-heavy holidays like Victoria Day and Canada Day.

It's the hope, then, that the City of Toronto's fireworks regulations can help to contribute to a fun and safe Victoria Day weekend for everyone.

People are encouraged to call 311 to report the use of fireworks in a park or beach in Toronto and the misuse of fireworks.

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Arthur Chauvineau. Contributions by Raavya Bhattacharyya.

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