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Man catches racist incident on video at Ontario Tim Hortons and has the best response

Racist and otherwise awful people everywhere are perhaps a little more careful about how they act in public with the knowledge that they could be caught on video and go viral at any moment, but xenophobic interactions are still happening regularly in Ontario, including one that is getting a ton of attention on social media this week.

In what is not the first video of such an incident at a Tim Hortons, a woman is seen standing in the parking lot outside a Waterloo location of the cafe chain, yelling about how everyone in the restaurant is from India.

The original poster prefaces the clip by explaining the interaction in a voiceover, saying "Karen in Tim Hortons is mad because the staff is Indian and I was walking into the store. She blowed on me 'cause the customers are also Indians."

When the sound for the footage kicks in, the customer asks the irate individual "What's the fact?," seeming to attempt to get her to repeat something she said before he started recording.

"The fact is that they're all Indians," she replies, to which he asks her to "stop being racist."

She then continues on: "Why did they all get jobs, and why did the Canadians —" before the filmer cuts her off with a quick line that hundreds of people in the comments section are applauding.

"Because you guys don't work," he says. "That's why we get the jobs."

The woman appears confused and asks him to repeat himself, to which he says "yeah, now you don't understand anything," and inquires again why she's making racist remarks.

"I'm not racist," the woman yells multiple times before the video of the interaction ends. The poster notes in the caption that the woman allegedly tried to spit in his face, adding a shoutout "to all my Canadian fellas."

"Honestly, I’ve been working with Canadians for five years and we stand as one community," he writes. "But I had to post this, she tried to spit on my face. No hate, let's spread love."

The original video has amassed 400k views, more than 16k likes and over 1.8k comments in just one day on TikTok, with many people praising the man for standing up to her and coming up with such a witty, to-the-point retort.

Many are also chiming in with their own unfortunate stories of racism they've experienced in Canada.

"I know we stand united," the poster wrote in reply to one user who commended him for speaking out and clapping back. "This is why I was so confident."

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