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Racist woman tells Asian man to get off the streetcar in new TTC freakout video

Upsetting video footage has emerged out of Toronto this week in which a TTC passenger screams, hurls racial slurs and spits at a fellow rider for undetermined reasons.

Published to Twitter by an account called Stop Asian Hate Canada late Wednesday morning, the one minute and 25-second-long clip starts with the sound of a woman yelling "get off the f**king streetcar!"

The person filming pans up to show three people engaged in some sort of argument on a newer Flexity LRV streetcar. An Asian man exchanges some curse words with the woman a few times before she walks away, calling him a derogatory term sometimes targeted toward people of Asian descent.

In response to the slur, the man calls the unmasked woman an "*sshole." This prompts her to turn back and scream another racist term.

She then spits in the man's face, prompting him to pull down his mask and spit right back. Another man who appears to be travelling with the woman similarly antagonizes the passenger a bit before eventually dragging his screaming associate away.

As she approaches the door of the streetcar, the woman yells yet another racial slur.

"You go to hell!" shouts the man being attacked in response. The woman repeats him in a mocking voice and then, the clip cuts short, jumping to what seems like a few minutes later. 

Someone is now defending the man as customers rapidly depart the streetcar to get away from all the chaos. This man urges the woman and her associate to get off the vehicle. 

Eventually, a TTC employee can be seen walking up and escorting the woman to a door where she finally leaves after both charging at someone aggressively and shouting even more insults at everyone.

Based on the signs shown during the ride, the altercation took place on either the Spadina or Bathurst streetcar near Wilcocks Avenue. The woman left the vehicle around King West, some seven stops later.

The reason for the initial conflict is not yet clear, but those who've seen the clip are universally horrified by what the woman said and did. 

"Even without the context of how this confrontation started, there is absolutely no justification for the unacceptable discriminatory language captured in this video," said TTC spokesperson Stuart Green to blogTO Wednesday afternoon.

"We want all TTC customers to treat each other with respect and dignity at all times.

The TTC is currently looking into the incident but has yet to provide exact details regarding what happened and at what time. The clip is believed to have been filmed on Tuesday.

"It would appear the incident ended without further incident when one of the parties exited the streetcar," says Green, "but there's still no excusing this kind of behaviour."

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