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Two white men allegedly hit and shouted Asian slurs at woman in downtown Toronto

A video involving an incident between two white men and a woman in downtown Toronto has recently gone viral after the woman alleged she was hit by the men and was the target of Asian slurs. 

The TikTok video, posted by user @alicedoisme, shows the back-and-forth between the men and the offscreen woman, who is repeatedly heard saying, "you hit me." 

"These two hit into me on the street then yelled and called me by Asian slurs to curse at me," the video's caption reads. "Then when I started recording, they called me [a] liar and even tried to grab my phone." 

"Like why do I have to lie about something like this on the street?" the caption continues. 

One of the men is heard saying, "I didn't hit you, I didn't hit anybody," and turns to the other man and asks, "did I hit her?" 

The other man responds, "no, you didn't hit her. She's lying." 

One of the men is seen approaching the woman, at which point the camera tips over and is unclear if he hit her. 

The video amassed thousands of views after popular TikTok star, @thatdaneshguy, who is well-known for identifying people in viral videos, managed to track down the names of the men as well as their places of employment. 

One of the individuals in the video was identified as the senior director at Klick in Toronto, while the other was identified as a professor at George Brown College through his LinkedIn. 

In an Instagram story posted to their page, Klick responded to the incident, writing, "everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. We are committed to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture."

"Our commitment to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all of our community members remains unwavering, and the employee in question is no longer with our company," the statement continued. 

Dozens of comments under @thatdaneshguy's TikTok believed the two men were "gaslighting" the woman.

"The childish way of denying says it all," one person commented. "If they were truly innocent, it'd have been a simple 'oh my gosh I'm so sorry' or 'pardon me/excuse me, I didn't see you,' and carry on their day. Their reaction screams guilt (and no shame) and there needs to be accountability." 

Others called upon George Brown College to make a statement regarding the incident and hold the professor identified in the video accountable. 

"Is this the kind of behaviour you want to teach your students? This behaviour is absolutely shameful to see from adults...one that represents your college," one person wrote

"This is simply disgusting," another user said

"This is your employee," one comment reads. "Do something!" 

George Brown College eventually commented on the TikTok video, writing, "the allegations posted are troubling. We take all allegations of misconduct by our employees seriously and we are currently investigating the alleged incident posted to TikTok." 

"As with all allegations of this type, we are committed to conducting a fair and thorough internal investigation and will take the appropriate action based on its outcome," the statement reads. 

blogTO attempted to contact the woman who uploaded the original video, but it appears as though she has since deleted her TikTok account. 

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