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Landmark Toronto store has closed and changed the face of the neighbourhood forever

One of Cabbagetown's most recognizable businesses, Menagerie Pet Shop, has officially shut its doors following a half-century run in the neighbourhood. 

The departure of the beloved pet shop at 549 Parliament Street also meant the removal of its 25-foot green iguana sculpture named Lizzy, which has perched overtop the store's entrance for decades. 

Whether it was grabbing ice cream after school, stocking up on some pet supplies, or spending the weekend along the historic street, it seemed like Lizzy was always watching.

On Monday, Cabbagetown BIA uploaded a video that showed the removal of Lizzy from her longtime home. 

Extensive restoration is set to begin on the building, and the new owners of the space are the same folks who previously bought the building at 583 Parliament Street, which now serves as the home to French restaurant, L'avenue on Parliament

"We can't wait to show the neighbourhood what we have planned next," L'avenue commented under the video. 

The removal symbolized the end of an era, and local residents who associated Lizzy with lots of nostalgic memories naturally began to inquire about the iguana's future. 

"Is it going to be moved elsewhere? It would be cool to hide it somewhere in Riverdale Farm, lurking around," one person wrote. 

"Going to miss this place. Seriously a landmark of Cabbagetown," another customer said. 

"An end of an era indeed! A highlight when we used to walk to school! Looking forward to seeing the outcome," one resident commented.

While it's not clear where Lizzy's new resting spot will be, we're certainly looking forward to the possibility of a tell-all book in which the veteran iguana details all the neighbourhood gossip she's overheard during the past few decades. 

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