kitten thrown window highway

People outraged after kitten thrown from a moving car window on Ontario highway

Trigger warning: This article contains descriptions of animal abuse.

A small black kitten is lucky to be alive after a horrifying act of animal cruelty reported in Burlington on Friday.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Highway Safety Division tweeted details of a kitten reportedly thrown from the window of a vehicle travelling eastbound on Highway 403 near the Waterdown Road exit in Burlington around 10:45 a.m. on Friday morning.

Police state that the animal is currently being treated at a local veterinarian. A graphic photo shared indicates that the kitten is suffering from a severe eye injury, though it is not known if this was a result of the heartless act of abuse, or perhaps the very reason the owner violently abandoned the animal.

One comment suggests this could have been a case of abandonment by an owner unable to pay veterinary bills.

The act has been met with a torrent of rage from social media users, including many replies that I won't include here advocating for vigilante justice — which seems like a dicey move when responding directly to a law enforcement organization but is also indicative of just how enraged this incident has people.

The sad case of cold brutality has some commenters calling for stronger legislation to punish such criminals. "Who does this. We need stricter laws on animal cruelty. Hope this person is found," reads one comment.

At least one commenter responding to the OPP's tweet volunteered to take in the kitten, and there will likely be others interested in giving a new, loving home to this innocent creature, who still has 8 of 9 lives remaining after this brush with death.

Police are asking anyone with information that could help in locating the culprit responsible for this heinous crime to call Burlington OPP at 905-681-2511.

Lead photo by

OPP Highway Safety Division

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