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Chaos breaks out at Pacific Mall after terrifying daytime robbery with shots fired

Shoppers who were at Markham's Pacific Mall on Thursday afternoon are still recovering from the mayhem of a daytime robbery that saw shots fired and sent the shopping centre into lockdown.

People in the area of Steeles Ave. and Kennedy Road noticed sirens and helicopters around 4 p.m., after police responded to what they later confirmed on Twitter to be a robbery that was apparently first reported as a shooting.

Posts warning people to stay away from the building began circulating on social media, with witnesses reporting hearing gunshots.

"Girlfriend working at pmall, says there's an active shooter, and shots are ringing out," one person wrote on Reddit, stating that according to their partner on the scene, it was a jewellery store that was targeted and  authorities arrived around 3:40 p.m.

Based on that personal account, people were told to evacuate the mall around 4:25 p.m.

Videos and other unofficial reports about the incident began making their rounds on socials throughout the afternoon as people wondered what the heck was happening.

One clip from inside the mall shows multiple officers storming the halls with their weapons drawn, yelling at bystanders to leave immediately.

More than one suspect was involved, police told CityNews. The outlet also confirmed that a lockdown went into effect for several hours and that thankfully, no injuries were reported.

YRP has said that they are investigating the crime, but have yet to release any further details.

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