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This team of 31 adorable dogs works to help keep Toronto safe

Although the Toronto Police Dog Services has been around since 1989, many Toronto residents are still unfamiliar with the hard-working pups that continue to keep the city safe. 

At present, the unit consists of 21 handlers and 31 dogs, each of which has been chosen for its good health, temperament, and training ability. 

Most teams are comprised of one handler and one general-purpose police dog, but many handlers also have a second police dog that specializes in search and rescue or detection of narcotics, firearms, explosives, or cadavers. 

The four-legged friends become a part of an officer's family, and even live with them during their off hours. 

All police dogs are purchased after testing and are usually between the ages of one to two years. Both the general purpose handler and the dog form a team and embark on a 15-week training course, where they're taught obedience, agility, tracking, property/evidence searches, area searches, and building searches. 

Once the police dog team graduates, they take on general patrol work and respond to a variety of calls, including lost or wanted persons, searches for evidence, break and enters, or situations where a suspect has fled from the police or a crime scene. 

The service currently uses German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois for general-purpose police dogs and uses Springer Spaniel, Belgian Malinois, and Labrador Retriever breeds for the detection of narcotics, firearms, ammunition, and explosives. 

Each of the diligent police dogs has a profile set up on the service's website, and all of them boast adorable names, like Sunny, Swinger, Havoc, Phantom, Rookie, Halo, and Colt.

While it might be tempting to give these furry friends a pat on their back for all their hard work, keep in mind that you shouldn't distract them when they're on the clock and in uniform.

You can more about the adorable pups here.  

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