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How Canada's 2023 minimum wage stacks up against countries around the world

If you make minimum wage in Canada, have you ever wondered how much you'd earn in another country?

The minimum wage varies by province and territory here, but currently, it ranges from lowest $13 in Saskatchewan to highest $16.77 in the Yukon, according to data from the Retail Council of Canada.

And many places have announced a pay bump for workers in the coming months, including Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and British Columbia.

Additionally, federally regulated private-sector employees got around a one-dollar pay increase on April 1. Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) says this increase is to keep pace with inflation, which rose by 6.8 per cent in 2022.

But how does this stack up against minimum wages around the world?

Here's how much minimum wage workers make in other countries from lowest to highest.


Global fashion brands like H&M, Zara, and GAP are regularly linked to this country due to their exploitation if its garment workers. Even home-grown brand Canadian Tire has been investigated for its "poverty-level" wages at Bangladeshi factories. Minimum wage workers in this country make a meager CAD$19.48 a month (1,500 BDT).


Similarly to Canada, the minimum wage in the Philippines varies by region. The highest is around CAD$13.76 (570 PHP) a day in Metro Manila, and the lowest is around CAD$8.23 (341 PHP) a day in the southern Bangsamoro region. Workers across the country have been fighting for a minimum wage raise this year amid inflation.


This southern European country's minimum wage is around CAD$1116.96 (€760) a month, which is about $6.97 an hour. The low wages are affecting citizens' ability to afford housing.

South Korea

South Korea raised its minimum wage to ₩9,620 per hour (around CAD$7.37) in January. Workers in the country have gone on strike in the past year fighting for minimum wage protections.

United States

Similarly to Canada, the minimum wage in the US varies by state. It ranges from as low as US$7.25 (CAD$9.69) in places like Alabama to as high as US$15.50 (CAD$20.72) in California. In April, the federal minimum wage also increased to US$16.65 (CAD$22.26) per hour.

Canada places just below the US when it comes to the highest minimum wages around the world.

United Kingdom

The UK categorizes its minimum wage by age. As of April, the country's "National Living Wage" for workers aged 23 and over is £10.42 (CAD$17.29). The lowest wage is for people under 18 at £5.28 (CAD$8.76).


Australia is considered to have one of the highest minimum wages in the world. Australian minimum wage workers earn $21.38 (CAD$19.17) an hour.


This small European country sandwiched between France, Belgium, and Germany provides the highest minimum wage in the world. Workers earn about €2,936.48 (CAD$4316.94) minimum per month.

That's CAD$26.92 an hour. If you're looking to work abroad, Luxembourg might be the perfect place.

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