toronto mayoral election parody

Comedian perfectly trolls the hated public figures who want to run Toronto

A June byelection to replace Toronto's departed mayor, John Tory, is heating up as candidates crawl from the woodwork to stake their claim for the city's top job. That means cringeworthy campaigns from candidates with big names and countless voices speaking out about them.

Election season moves like Brad Bradford eating patties and former police chief Mark Saunders blasting a spike in crime many consider him responsible for have been met with overwhelming criticism on social media, and one comedian just called them all out in a brutally hilarious fake campaign video.

Comedian and writer Clare Blackwood produced a fake campaign video that is getting some side-splitting laughs on social media, firing clear shots at public figures already disliked by many, and now attempting to seize on the power vacuum that has kicked the door open for a new "strong mayor."

"Hi, I'm a local political figure you probably already hate, and I'm proud to announce that I'm running to become the next mayor of Toronto; this is a good idea for me," says Blackwood, in character as an archetype for the typical mayoral candidate

"Toronto is diverse. Toronto is Multicultural. Toronto is me. But when I moved to the downtown from Etobicoke 30 minutes ago, I knew it was a city that needed my help. Toronto has become the new Gotham City," says Blackwood, taking a shot at parachute candidates and crime hysteria.

"Toronto needs practical solutions. Homelessness is out of control. The Gardiner is crumbling. Bike lanes are coming for the sick and the elderly."

"My solution? Police. Duh."

"I'm going to make the TTC safer by upping the police budget by a reasonable whatever the f*** they want percent. They've already got a fully stocked bar, but they could probably use an in-house dispensary."

"When you're tasering impoverished fare evaders, you're going to want to be chill about it, am I right?"

The parody campaign video goes on to lampoon councillors who voted in step with Tory for a decade but are now pledging to lead the city differently, candidates showing off their families for political gain, the issue of drinking in parks, and just about every issue and non-issue voters will have to consider this June.

"So vote for me, Toronto. Vote for change. Just stop asking me how will I do it, okay?"

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