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Former Toronto resident goes off on rant explaining why she hates the city

What's your least favourite thing about living in Toronto? Depending on who you ask, their answer might vary drastically. 

One Canadian influencer recently dropped a whole list of reasons why the city isn't her favourite, from its high cost of living to its mismanaged transit system

Kenzie Brenna, who is a writer, speaker, and advocate of self-love and body positivity, uploaded a TikTok detailing why she hates Toronto for her 77k followers on the app. 

The video was made in response to a follower, who commented, "I feel like you're such a Toronto girlie. Toronto has its negatives (now more than ever). I hope you find your way 'home,' whatever that might mean to you." 

Brenna went on to explain in a one-minute video why she decided to move out of Toronto and live on the west coast of the country instead. 

"I hate Toronto, I left because I hated Toronto," Brenna explained. "Toronto pretends like it's the Canadian version of New York; it's not. New York is superior in so many ways." 

She goes on to explain that people in Toronto have an "air about them like they're from the 6ix, they're so cool, they live in the 6ix." 

"It's like relax, you literally live in a city where the transit system isn't even 24 hours," Brenna said. "The transit system alone is enough to make Toronto a bit of a joke, I can make a whole page on how much I hate the TTC." 

Apart from the transit system, she suggested that Toronto is an extremely expensive city, that regularly tears down historical buildings to replace them with condos. 

Brenna also claimed that Toronto does "nothing for its homeless population other than arrest them and throw their belongings out." 

The video has since amassed over 14k views, with some agreeing with Brenna's critiques, while others continued to defend the city for its perks. 

"Born and raised. What I love about it is it's my home. The city has grown and evolved so much in my 58+ years. I’m sorry it didn't work for you," one person commented. 

"Lived abroad for years and can say there is nothing like Toronto. I appreciate its diversity so much," another person wrote. 

"I agree with everything, but if you don't want to leave the country, it's the best option, hands down," one user said. 

In all fairness, Brenna has also made a video regarding her least favourite things about Vancouver, so it's safe to say no single Canadian city is all the way perfect. 

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