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Toronto is about to experience its warmest weather of the year so far

Double-digit temperatures are on deck for Toronto this week, bringing our weather status from "okay" to "OMG THANK YOU BASED MOTHER NATURE!" if all goes as expected between now and Wednesday.

According to The Weather Network, a "spring tease" is headed our way courtesy of an approaching Colorado low.

A strong southerly flow will precede the low pressure system, if meteorologists are correct, providing a "large bump in temperatures" to southern Ontario, parts of which could see double-digit daytime highs near the mid-teens by Wednesday.

"There's already a mild influx of warmer-than-normal temperatures from the Pacific and the Prairies, and this warmth pulses across Ontario over the next few days," says Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton.

"Our first dance with warmth occurs on Wednesday, as a low slides across northeast Ontario. A stout southwest wind will drive temperatures into the low-teens across extreme southwestern Ontario. If we get some sunny breaks in the afternoon, temperatures may over-achieve."

Elated as those who hate cold weather may be to hear the news, this typical Toronto "wintermisson" isn't expected to last long.

"A secondary low late week however, will track into the region providing more typical wintry weather to areas in the south," reported The Weather Network on Monday.

"Behind this system, temperatures will temporarily tumble to subfreezing values leading to a chilly start to the Family Day long weekend."

With a high of 14 C and plenty of sun in the forecast for Toronto on Wednesday, I'd say enjoy it while you can... but don't stress too hard if you find yourself stuck indoors.

Spring is coming, after all, and it's not at all atypical for brief spurts of (sometimes record-breaking warmth) to grace our fair city in February, March or April, before all of the messy winter weather leaves us alone for another season.

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