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Dazzling orange pigeon shocks and confuses Toronto residents as it's spotted across town

Pigeons are a very common sighting in Toronto, pecking around the street for scraps and sometimes flying into your face as you walk by.

Well, now it seems there's a new bird in town who has brought some hues of sunshine to the grey-skied city. 

An apparently rare orange pigeon (or dove) was recently spotted and captured by Toronto resident Cheryl Smith in the Birch Cliff area of the city.

Sitting among a group of its basic-feathered peers, the creamsicle-coloured bird stands out in the huddled circle of grey.

Smith excitedly shared her findings with residents of a local Facebook group, and thus, the rare songbird became famous.

That unleashed many guesses as to who or what this lil' orange bird could be. Some suggested it was a pigeon that was dyed and, thus, not a natural redhead, while others proposed it was an orange dove, which is actually a thing.

Could it be a very fancy pet that somehow escaped its cage through an open window?

Unlike the true orange birds (barn swallows, robins) that can be found in Ontario, this feathered friend is completely orange and has more of a pastel shade.

Smith's original post was shared to Toronto Reddit and other Facebook groups, which started the collection of orange pigeon sightings.

It appears the bird has been travelling around the city, with a spotting at Shoppers World Danforth and other pigeon-favourite hangouts.

If this birdie is, in fact, domesticated (most likely guess), survival in the wild could pose challenges for the animal, in which case it probably needs to be captured and taken care of. 

Who can crack the case of the Cheeto bird? Keep us posted, Toronto.

Lead photo by

Cheryl Smith

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