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The TTC descended into complete chaos and people say it was preventable

Whether on the roads or the rails, Tuesday evening's commute was a nightmare for pretty much everyone in Toronto. Even if you managed to avoid treacherous roads during the first snowfall of the season, the TTC had its own issues, as a major outage ground subway service to a halt amid the evening rush.

Just before 6:30 p.m., the TTC tweeted that Line 2 was partially halted, with "no service between Ossington and Broadview while we respond to an injury on the tracks."

Chaos ensued, as it does on the TTC, but the madness has once again fostered a dialogue on the idea of platform screen doors to prevent such incidents on Toronto transit lines.

"Cover your tracks with barriers like every other first world country," suggested one Twitter user.

Another user argues that while platform doors seem expensive on the surface, "it's a small price to pay for a faster, safer, more reliable system."

The comment takes aim at John Tory's Gardiner-obsessed budget, saying "instead of saving lives the city insists on spending billions to rebuild a highway cutting through our downtown."

Platform screen doors are indeed coming to the TTC; however, there are no approved plans to install them on existing lines. Instead, they are set to debut at stations on the upcoming Ontario Line.

Shuttle buses were deployed, but the unexpected closure amid an evening rush already complicated by the weather resulted in hundreds left out in the cold, queueing for spots on overcrowded shuttles.

The long lines seemed to cover every square inch of sidewalk at the busy Yonge and Bloor intersection

Even those who managed to land a spot on a shuttle bus were not exactly met with a comfortable ride.

Things were at their worst at the TTC's Bloor-Yonge Station, but the outage also had riders queuing for shuttle buses at other points along the route interruption, including Ossington.

And the issues weren't limited to the Bloor-Danforth line.

Less than 30 minutes after Line 2 ground to a halt, Line 1 service was suspended from Osgoode to Vaughan due to an emergency alarm.

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