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Police shame Toronto-area driver after literally flipping car for not having snow tires

You've definitely heard the warnings about treacherous roads during the first snowfall of the season. You've almost certainly heard police and other officials beg you to change over to winter tires.

But if you've made it this far without heeding the warnings and you're still driving around in the snow with all-seasons, don't expect much sympathy from law enforcement — even if you flip your car and narrowly escape with your life.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Highway Safety Division posted a video to Twitter on Tuesday, showing the aftermath of a single-vehicle rollover on Highway 407 Eastbound just past Highway 410, where the OPP's Kerry Schmidt mercilessly shamed a driver who had almost certainly learned their lesson by that point.

"We've got a single-vehicle rollover. Just look at the tires here, some great all-seasons. Maybe not the best tires for a day like today," said Schmidt, stating the painfully obvious.

Schmidt explains that "the vehicle that you just saw on its roof did not come from the 407, it actually came from Highway 410."

"This car actually came across the 410 northbound ramp, you can see the debris where it lost control and went through the ditch."

Like every first snow of the year, the roads were a complete disaster on Tuesday, and Schmidt confirmed that during "The first day of any appreciable snow here in the GTA, we've had quite a few crashes already, but this one could've been much more serious."

"Fortunately, the driver was extricated by Brampton Fire," says Schmidt while showing where fire crews cut out the rear of the vehicle to remove the driver.

Schmidt closes the video with one last dig at the lucky-to-be-alive driver, saying, "we're going to get the tow trucks in here to get that vehicle back up on its all-season tires, not the snow tires that maybe could have helped. I'm not saying it would have, but it might have."

Dude, just let it go.

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